Monday, November 29, 2010


1. 2000 Man- The Rolling Stones
A full grown future man goes through the stuggles of trying not to be a jerk to everyone in this future age melodrama.

2. Moon
Sam Bell lives on the moon harvesting a newly discovered energy source. His only companion is the computer GERTY. It's been a long three year haul and Sam is ready to return to earth. Things get wild when he finds a crashed moon rover and discovers an unconcious man who looks just like him. Now Sam must find out who's going crazy and how he'll get home.

3. Bottle Rocket
Some friends decide robbery is the best way to get rich. They aren't very good at it . They start by robbing a bookstore then hit the road to a new life of heists. They buy a gun. When they meet Mr. Henry to pull the ultimate heist at a cold storage warehouse they come to realize maybe stealing is a bad idea.

4. Monster Blood
Some 90's looking kids discover Monster Blood in this one guy's Aunt's forbidden room. Things get totally crazy and the blond dude almost dukies a shooter but contains himself. They work together to stop the Blood from killing the heck out of everything it touches. In the end their dog "Trigger" saves them. Nine stars.

5. The Gift
Waldo Jeffers really wants to get back with his girlfriend, Marsha, but she has moved on. One day he get's the idea to ship himshelf parcel post to her house. So he does. But low and behold a nice clean accidental metalshear head-stabbing will put him and his burdens to rest.

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  1. still very in love with the monster blood business. it's 2013 and I'm not really sure what I'm doing back here.